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Email Security

Email Security Services

Save your organization from spam and phishing

Organizations our now resorting to improved security protocols to mitigate cyber attacks. In turn, hackers are resorting to alarmingly increasing phishing techniques via hoax emails.

Thus, ensuring email security for you and your organization, with a set of tools, filters, and security policies, Nocastra makes sure that your mailboxes are secure and free from malware, or any other spam emails.

Nocastra applies state of the art tools to filter out any irrelevant and spam emails with zero false-positives, which becomes even better with our manual filtering best practices.

Importance of Email Security

Email servers, whether physical or on Cloud, are one of the most targeted services of an organization, as it contains all of your communication and data. Harvesting that data is usually they key target of the attackers. Therefore, it is essential to protect it with you all have.

Furthermore, compromised email accounts can be an internal threat for your organization that can perform impersonation attacks. In certain cases, the person with a compromised email account is unaware of the situation. This issue is mitigated through monitoring the content of emails and blocking the ones which contain specific data or attachments.

Most ransomware attacks are carried out through malicious emails containing links. These are usually typosquatting techniques where the hackers intentionally misspell a domain’s name so that you are mistaken and redirected to their domain, where they can harvest your credentials.

Invest in your secure, encrypted communication before you are compromised.

Our Services

Nocastra provides the following set of services for securing your mailboxes

Email Gateway Configuration
Spam Filtering
Antivirus Protection
Digital Media Control
Data Encryption
Anti-phishing Training

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Emails are the most-used mode for communication in the corporate sector. Keep your data private and get in touch with an expert.