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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Services

Expand your business globally

Let Nocastra unlock your true potential with its integrated Cloud management services.

Designed for DevOps, Google Cloud is ideal for cloud-native businesses. Although late to the competition, Google Cloud’s computing engines out-perform most other Cloud services. With flexible and easy-to-comprehend billing schedules, Google Cloud is known for its quick adaptability and convenient usage for the consumers.

Nocastra provides you with an efficient way to integrate your business and existing IT infrastructure with Cloud that will improve your organizational productivity and accessibility.


Why Google Cloud? Salient features

Google Cloud is best suited for containers and other microservices. Since Google has been involved in the Kubernetes project from the very beginning, it natively offers the Kubernetes Engine for organizations to deploy their containers. Which is why it also ensures complete security of your data.

Furthermore, Google Cloud offers its consumers the capabilities of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Since most organizations already use Google products such as Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, it can be easily integrated into your organization to make everything accessible over the internet.


How We Operate

The Cloud experts at Nocastra will help you shift your localized business to Cloud and provide support every step of the way.


Brief Us

Share your contact details and provide a brief introduction on your business model.


Dig Deeper

Have a quick call to provide us with the information on how you want to operate with a Cloud management system.


We Propose

We design a low-cost, best-suited Cloud solution for your business needs and strategize an implementation plan.


Start Working

We begin working on your Cloud needs with minimal effect to current IT infrastructure and business lifecycle.


Perform Tests

We test out all aspects of the Cloud solution so you have a smooth transition experience.


Get Support

We continue to monitor your new Cloud infrastructure and provide support where required.

Shift to Cloud Now

Make the leap to a more secure, persistent IT infrastructure before your competition does. Talk to an expert now.