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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Services

Microsoft 365 is your cloud-integrated collaboration platform

Let your organization grow abundantly with our Microsoft 365 solutions. Collaborate with your team members on-the-go while staying in sync with Microsoft’s products like Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office Suite, and much more.

Our Microsoft 365 solutions are designed to match your needs, so you only pay for what you use. With 99.9 percent uptime and zero maintenance costs, Nocastra ensures maximum productivity with limited resources using Microsoft 365 products.

Partner with us to bring your business closer together

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Why Microsoft 365 Get to know how Microsoft 365 helps your business

Cloud solutions are gaining popularity because of their diversified uses and plan flexibility. Microsoft is one of the world-leading cloud solution provider. With integrated software solution, your employees can collaborate with each other and on documents. Microsoft 365 combines various platforms such as instant messengers, project managers, calendar, and various types of documents that collectively boosts your company’s productivity.

Cloud solutions are the way to go so you do not have to invest in infrastructure and maintenance costs.


Teams and individuals can collectively collaborate on different projects and documents simultaneously to achieve the most in limited time.

On The Go

Microsoft 365 can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. So you and your employees can function together regardless of where you are.


Microsoft 365 ensures complete end-to-end security through regular background updates and encryption algorithms while your data is at rest and in transit.

Cost Reduction

Avoid unnecessary expenses for hardware and individual software licenses through an all-in-one integrated Microsoft 365 solution.

What We Do

Nocastra is set on delivering optimized and cost-effective solutions that are circled around your business goals. We thrive to get your IT infrastructure centralized through Microsoft 365 for greater manageability and collaboration.

Implementation of Microsoft 365 simply does not involve moving your data online. With the understanding of your architectural hierarchy and business needs, Nocastra executes its cloud solution to minimize the transitional duration so your organization suffers no loss.

Our solutions are designed for the layman to quickly grasp onto so that the technological changes do not affect your business.

Why Pick Nocastra

Through thick and thin

We understand that running business today is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why Nocastra’s mantra is to walk our client’s from the beginning towards the end, every step of the way.

We kick off with developing an understanding of your business model as well as any implemented solutions you are currently using (if any). We then analyze the usage of your resources and devise a budget-friendly plan that will achieve what you desire for your business.

Once you have decided on the plan we offer, we then move to phase two, which is the execution. Nocastra’s framework is designed around redundancy, therefore we configure your setup in the timeframe agreed upon, and then slowly begin the migration process.

We then provide our clients continuous support once the solution has been fully implemented and is operational.


Existing Microsoft 365 user? Let us help you