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Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune

Manage your remote users and devices

Microsoft Intune can bring more visibility for hybrid work models. As organizations move to support hybrid and remote workforces, they’re challenged with managing different devices that access organization resources. Employees and students need to collaborate, work from anywhere, and securely access and connect to these resources. Admins need to protect organization data, manage end user access, and support users from wherever they work.

Why Microsoft Intune Salient features

Intune simplifies app management with a built-in app experience, including app deployment, updates, and removal.

Intune automates policy deployment for apps, security, device configuration, compliance, conditional access, and more.

Auto Pilot feature adds great functionality and help the end user with simple and smooth procedure while connecting/Joining the Work/School subscription.

Intune integrates with mobile threat defense services, including Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and third party partner services.


High level features

A web based admin center can help the IT administrator to work anywhere everywhere without having any burden to visit any specific office location.

Configuration Manager
Windows Autopilot
Endpoint Analytics
Endpoint Analytics
Windows AutoPatch

Nocastra Is Offering

Configuration of Intune to meet the business needs of SM organizations with respective to Data Protection
Managing MDM and MAM to save the time of the resource so that a predefine policies and applications can be applied
Making sure that all devices are compliant to configured policies for devices and applications
Converting business and data security into policies and applying it across organization to achieve the security standard requirements

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Microsoft Intune is a much easier way to handle MAM (Mobile Application Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management)