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Server Hardening

Physical and Virtual Server Hardening

A Secure and Reliable Ecosystem

Off-the-shelf IT infrastructure is never secure. Your network needs security configurations down to its core to fully protect your business from attacks and corruption.

Server hardening is achieved through a combination of security hardware installation, security software implementation, policy implementation and micro-security management. These layers of added security gives you the peace of mind required to run a successful business, knowing that your digital data is protected.

Make sure that you have the necessary security infrastructure by hiring Nocastra as your Cyber Security Experts.

What We Do We Earn Your Trust

Through thorough data analysis and infrastructure assessment, Nocastra provides you with the best mitigation practices at affordable prices. Try out our following services and see how we operate while maintaining your data integrity.

Ensure error-free pages
Minimize External Footprint
Patch Vulnerabilities
Minimize Attack Surface
Regulate User Privileges and Rights
Implement CIS Benchmark
Configure NextGen Firewalls
Configure Port-Level Security
Network Security Implementation

Your Security Is Our Priority

Our security policy implementation and techniques do not depend on your business model. Rather, we try and secure all aspects of your IT infrastructure to make a robust and fool-proof security structure.

Perks of Server Hardening

Save your business from external and internal threats

The sole purpose of system hardening is to reduce the risk of potential attacks on your IT infrastructure. This secures your data and business longevity by reducing costs in the long run. Rather than having a reactive approach towards fixing hacks, invest in the proactive methods to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

By reducing the attack surface, we limit the accessible points a potential threat can invade your network and servers. Threats are not only anticipated from the outside, but also from within your own network. Through user right configuration and access-restriction where necessary, Nocastra makes sure that each person, whether an employee or a guest, only has access to where they are allowed.

Removing unnecessary software and services not only eliminates potential threats, but improves performance. In summation, server hardening reduces overall costs and makes sure you run a reliable business infrastructure with near-to-none loopholes in security.

Protect Your Intellectual Data and Hardware Consult with an expert today.

Cyber attacks are nearly impossible to prevent. Best be prepared with blockades and restricted access.