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Speed Optimization

Website Optimization

Turn prospect clients to cash quicker

No one wants to open a website that will take ages to load. A fast website is the sign of a good website, and a good website has better chances of attracting new customers. Studies have shown that a significant portion of visitors move onto the next website if yours takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, AMK Developers aims to optimize your WordPress website to make it fully load under a maximum of 3 seconds.

Your website’s loading speed and user experience significantly impacts your Google rankings and AdWords ads. Partner with AMK Developers to get on top of things now!

Importance of Website Speed Website’s speed impacts user experience and ranking

A website that is quick to load and easy on the bandwidth is ideally the best one. The responsiveness of a website is impacted by a number of factors, which in turn affects your website’s ranking and user experience. Of course, an impressive user experience is everyone’s wish. A fast website attracts more clientele, which in turn results to maximum profits.

Search engines are now moving towards an era where website speed optimization will impact your standing in the search results. Let us help you deliver your business to a wider population through a quicker, convenient website.

website speed

Where We Come In

Whether an existing website or going for a new one, AMK Developers can optimize your website for you for quicker loading and faster responsiveness. We also offer one of the fastest hosting services that loads faster as compared to other services.

An optimal website must have the brains as well as the brawns. We at AMK Developers aim to optimize your website without compromising on its content or security.

File Compression
Concatenate CSS and JavaScript
Optimize Images
Enable Local Caching
Plugin Minimization
Database Compression

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