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Vulnerability Assessment Services

Strengthen Your Security with Predetermined Weak Spots

Vulnerability assessment is carried out so you are aware of the weak spots in your IT infrastructure and potential threats. Detailed reports are presented which can then be used to mitigate the highlighted loopholes.

Nocastra has a diversified approach for performing vulnerability assessment with a combination of automated and manual identification methods. This approach delivers on-spot results with pin-pointed vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure while avoiding unnecessary testing costs.

Vulnerabilities are developed each day due to growing threats and outdating software. We ensure that you invest your money when and where required.

Key Benefits

Know how Vulnerability Assessment helps your business

Identify Potential Threats

Know what hardware or data could be at risk in case of an attack.

Reduce Costs in the Long Run

Save money by not having to invest in Data Recovery.

Determine Pathway for Enhanced Security

Plan your next security upgrades based on the detailed vulnerability report.

Redesign Security Policies

Implement more rigid security policies where necessary.

The right time for a Vulnerability Assessment

Get your IT infrastructure audited before disaster hits.

Prior to planning an incident response strategy

Redesigning organizational policies

Before a compliance audit

Investing in security services and hardware

Where Nocastra Comes In

Leave your security concerns in the hands of the experts

The professionals at Nocastra are well-experienced with penetration testing, thus considering all-around security concerns for your business. We cover each human and machine security aspect while performing our tests, giving detailed information in our end report.

With hands-on experience on industry-leading tools available in the market, the professionals at Nocastra try and penetrate deep into your network and IT infrastructure to pinpoint potential threats. With a deep understanding of how hackers operate, trust Nocastra in determining and proposing mitigation solutions for your security concerns.


Get Complete Vulnerability Analysis Today

Find out how Nocastra can secure your business through our security experts.