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Web Maintenance

Keep up with the world with our maintenance strategies

Most websites need constant upgrading in terms of software as well as its content. To run a successful business, you must keep your website up to date to include security updates, update references to current year, revamp the contents, update portfolio, and much more.

Ideally, websites needs to be maintained regularly as various tasks need to be performed in a timely manner. If those tasks aren’t performed, your website may become vulnerable to outside threats, have glitches that you are unaware of, or experience decline in performance.

AMK offers on-demand and monthly maintenance solutions to fit your budget.

Timely Maintenance Tasks Online platforms synchronized with your business

It is important that certain tasks are performed through a pre-determined timeline to keep your website secure, have improved layout, and SEO-optimized to always rank at the top in search engine results.


Ensure error-free pages
Perform backup
Update available software
Update listings (if any)
Check for comments/queries


Perform website statistical analysis
Check loading speeds
Perform security risk scan


Update website design and graphics
Ensure cross-platform functionality
Review and strategies marketing campaigns
Update old blogs/content


Renew website domain and hosting (if required)
Update any reference to current year
Consider complete website redesign if room for improvements

What We Do

Our team of experts delivers what was promised

Whether an e-commerce platform or a business portfolio, AMK developers offers streamlined processes to always keep your website up to date. Bearing your business goals in mind, our collaborative SEO, design, and development teams work together to bring out the best in your website.

With the ever-changing spectrum of Google algorithms, we make sure that you are ranked amongst the top listings through SEO and back-linking strategies. AMK developers performs complete maintenance tasks which includes but is not limited to: any security concerns, editing of content, data backup and recovery, performance enhancements, etc.

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Investing in website maintenance actually reduces unforeseen expenses incurred due to errors, attacks, and possible down time. Allow AMK developers to help you.